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The Himalayas: where it all begins

a natural chef, not a commercial chef

My ancestors were healers called Chakra Vartan. This means those who rotate the chakras. People came from far away to eat their food and have chakra healing. Masters of yoga, it was said that when meditating they could levitate 11 feet off the ground. They lived in Northern India, in the Himalayas.

The practice of Ayurveda was handed down within my family through my mother. It has taken many generations to catalogue the nutritional, medicial and energetic properties of herbs and foods. It is my goal to apply this knowledge in the West.

Vedic-cooking teaches the use of sacred healing herbs, some of which are only found on these remote mountaintops. The highest mountain range in the world, these herbs gather a special power from growing so close to the sun. Thousands of years ago, the Ramayana chronicled the special and life saving properties of these herbs.

As the story goes in one of the great Indian epics, the brother of deified Sri Rama lay
wounded in Lanka, so Rama’s loyal servant Hanuman flew to the Himalayas to bring back
some lifesaving herbs. To make sure his journey was successful, Hanuman decided to pick up an entire sacred mountain and carry it back to Lanka, inadvertently sprinkling bits of
the valuable plants in his path over southwest India. Today, many Ayurvedic herbs still
grow in this region, but the Ayurvedic philosophy, one in which each individual and the
world around that person is a balanced whole, reaches through the entire country of India and across the globe.