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My name is Vaidya  and officially I am a Natural Foods Private Chef and Holistic Health Coach. What does that mean? Well, my background is in whole foods and plant based cooking but my clients range from vegans, gluten-free, and
raw foodists to athletes,and inspired people who just want to eat healthier. As a Holistic

Health Coach I also help people who are searching for some guidance in reaching their wellness and life goals. I try to help them navigate their primary needs like diet, exercise,work, spirituality, etc. in order to find a balance.Well that’s not all!. I’ve been my journey with cooking,and life in Santa Cruz ~ Hearts and Cranes.

About Holistic food Chef

Chef vaidya specializes in Holistic Nutrition and education. Offering group and individual classes, health coaching hourly or as a six month program.

As well as in home Personal Chef services for weekly meal programs, and catering for special occasions.Chef Vaidya is sensitive to your needs and  specific dietary restrictions for a completely comprehensive and  individualized service.

About The Chef:

My name is vaidya and I am your Natural Tasty Chef! As a  plant-based culinary Ayurvedic in India, I am educated and knowledgeable in both the theories and techniques of Vegan, Vegetarian,Ayurveda cuisine.

My study of Ayurveda and Yoga started in India,where I was trained and philosophy of the Ayurvedic lifestyle and how to integrate it into a yoga practice. I then traveled extensively throughout India deepening my understanding and appreciation for holistic health and plant-based cooking.

My passion, however, lies in the principals and techniques of cooking.  I have seen and experienced the benefits of adopting a Ayurvedic  diet and lifestyle in my own life and in those around me. After Ayurveda learning from the Guru. I attended many Ayurvedic cooking classes and lectures and worked on the Ayurvedic cruise Holistic Holiday at Hawaii~ Japan,Europe Currently, I am studying to become a Auyurvedic counselor myself.

I am highly passionate about creating physical, emotional and spiritual freedom through diet and lifestyle and cannot wait to work with you!


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