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About Vedic Fusion


Vedic fusion is not just a brand, its an ancient gift to all mankind. Vedic fusion born in 2017 by Eglobetech  India Pvt Ltd, heading by Mr. Jagannath Dash (Managing Director). Vedic fusion not an immediate result of him, he gave his entire priceless time to discover this by visiting Tribal areas of odisha and Himalayan Hills in search of natural herbal resources. After a long journey and zeal to bring a better human supportive herbal solution to all mankind, in result Turmeric Tea is now creating history to fight against all kind of invisible enemies of human body. Turmeric Tea is not just a Turmeric , its a priceless gift to all. Vedic Treatment always has its own significance so herbal healing is now eliminating all kind of unknown diseases, restoring all kind of human functional mechanism to maintain a healthy life style.